Pleasure gaited Paso Fino horses provide the ride of a lifetime!

     The Paso Fino gait is a four-beat lateral gait, the birthright of every Paso Fino.  Newborn foals struggle to their feet and take their first faltering steps in gait.  The Paso Fino can, of course, walk freely and many of them can perform a collected canter or a relaxed lope as well.  However, it is essentially a broken pace; it is lateral, not diagonal.  The sequence of the footfall is right rear, right fore, left rear, left fore.  The cadence of the 1, 2, 3, 4 beat is rhythmic with equal time intervals between hoof beat. There is very little up and down movement in either the croup or the shoulder of the horse. 

      This Pleasure Paso Fino gait is performed at two speeds with the collection decreasing as speed increases. In Pleasure Gaited Paso Fino horses the front hooves generally are extended forward close to the ground and there is also less lift in the action of the front hooves.


     Paso Corto: This is performed with the horse moderately collected and with light contact on the bit.  In its relaxed form, the Corto is an ideal trail and pleasure-type gait.  At its most elegant, it is snappily executed and exciting to watch.


     Paso Largo: This is the speed form of the gait and is performed with minimal collection.  The same 1, 2, 3, 4 beat is maintained and the rider appears almost motionless in the saddle.


     These pleasure gaited paso fino horses provide a wonderful, pleasant ride that one never forgets.


Talento de la Luna, fold date 2010, is talented and beautiful, click below to see video from November 2018. Talento now has a new home, and is not available for sale anymore, but he demonstrates the Pleasure gait well!

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